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  • PET trays are valuable recyclable products.
  • PET bottles and trays must not be mixed to enable more efficient recycling.
  • Future investments will permit better recycling of trays.

More plastic recycling is needed.
• Additional effort by designers is needed.
• Recylass™ is coming.

Practical Approaches to Regulatory Compliance

This two day seminar is for all levels of professionals in plastics food packaging to give you a better understanding of the regulations along with a discussion on the current challenges and opportunities for the industry.

  •     The Green Paper is a starting point towards increased sustainability of plastics.
  •     Landfill ban, specific plastics waste recycling targets and eco-design are great solutions to increase recycling.
  •     More plastics recycling will increase resource efficiency, create green jobs and reduce our environmental impact.

The PET recycling industry is threatened by persistent structural market failures
across Europe.