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Today the design of most PET trays makes them difficult to recycle in the existing waste streams. In the future this situation can be reversed by changing the trays’ design and allow their recycling. PRE will develop recycling guidelines specific for PET trays.

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“Biodegradable plastic bags are a myth" says Prof Richard Thomson, during a public hearing on plastic carrier bags organized by the by The Greens/European Free Alliance Group in the European Parliament on February 19th.

Plastics Recyclers Europe and the organisers of Plastics Recycling Expo have announced a partnership that will see them collaborate on Europe’s first exhibition and conference dedicated to plastics recycling taking place 18-19 June 2014 at the Telford International Centre, UK.

The resolution adopted by the MEPs will path the way for more plastics recycling.
This backing by the European Parliament will enable the Commission to propose ambitious legislations.